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Massachusetts Ambulance Association

2021 MA Star of Life: Mark Davenport, Spaulding

May 11, 2021 9:16 AM | Amanda Riordan (Administrator)

Mark Davenport

Spaulding Rehab Hospital Ambulance

Mark Davenport has been with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Ambulance Service since 2016. He brings an energy and drive with him every day that is unmatched. Mark is continually looking for opportunities to improve himself and his knowledge, his clinical skills and his ability to provide outstanding patient care. It was his energy and drive to succeed that made him a natural choice to help the department in our COVID-19 response. As the network was preparing to begin receiving COVID patients that were in need of post-acute care, the department needed to develop policies and practices that kept provider safety at the forefront without compromising the ability to care for patients. Mark helped to develop all our safety protocols and train all department staff. During the COVID pandemic, Mark served as our Safety Officer and made it his personal goal to keep our staff safe. The safety program that Mark developed went far beyond the written procedures and created an environment where the EMTs and Paramedics that were transporting COVID patients felt safe and secure that their safety was of the utmost priority. In the early days of the pandemic response, Mark's efforts and work in developing and implementing our safety program, helped reduce provider stress and anxiety, allowing them to focus on patient care while knowing that he had their back and was watching out for them. We thank Mark for his dedication and commitment to keeping our crews safe and are proud to call Mark Davenport our 2021 Massachusetts Star of Life.