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Massachusetts Ambulance Association

2021 MA Star of Life: Kevin LaPierre, Action Ambulance

May 06, 2021 1:27 PM | Amanda Riordan (Administrator)

Kevin LaPierre
Action Ambulance

Kevin LaPierre is a Paramedic and has been with Action Ambulance for over two years. He has had exceptional patient care in his time with us. His skills as a paramedic are passed down to his EMT coworkers as he works a paramedic/basic truck. Recently his skills were put to the test.

Split second thinking and leaning on the basics helped Kevin through a particularly tough call recently when a trailer came in contact with a bicyclist. The trainer ran over the patient, pinning them under and between the two sets of rear tires. When Kevin arrived on scene, all non-medical first responders believed the situation to be grave. Kevin went to work with the second to arrive ambulances paramedic starting and IV and attending to immediate medical needs. They called in a local, nearby forklift and were able to extricate the patient from the trailer. The patient was alert and talking on the way to the hospital despite the extensive injuries. Not only did Kevin show his skills that day, but he showed his dedication to doing everything he can for the patient.

Kevin is also a medic for the South Hadley MA fire department and enjoys spending time with his family.

Action Ambulance is proud to call Kevin LaPierre our 2021 Massachusetts Star of Life.