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Massachusetts Ambulance Association

2021 MA Star of Life: Shaun Churchill, Armstrong Ambulance

May 06, 2021 1:16 PM | Amanda Riordan (Administrator)

Shaun Churchill
Paramedic & Base Supervisor
Armstrong Ambulance

Paramedic Shaun Churchill started his EMS career in 1991. Throughout the years, Shaun worked BLS in Lawrence before he became a medic in 1995. Once a medic, Shaun worked in the north shore area for several years prior to becoming a Field Supervisor and eventually a Director of Operations for an EMS system in that region. Shaun has been a paramedic with Armstrong since 2018, and through his field shifts and work as a Base Supervisor, makes incredible impacts in one of Armstrong’s busiest 911 systems.

One particular call which highlights Shaun’s incredible clinical skill and intense scene management happened on Thursday, August 6th, 2020. Shaun was working in Saugus, MA when he was dispatched to assist with the transport of a psychologically impaired male.

As the ambulance was staged away from the scene, the Police requested the presence of the fire department to assist with gaining entry to the residence. Immediately upon forced entry, firefighters and police officers were met with a hostile male wielding a large knife and acting erratically. As the three officers attempted to restrain the suspect with minimal use of force, they were stabbed by the male, causing potentially life- threatening injuries to all of them. Within minutes, the patient compartment of Saugus Ambulance 2 was transitioned into a mobile emergency room. Using his training and experience, Shaun was able to reassess, further treat, obtain vital signs and stabilize all three police officer victims until additional ambulances arrived. Furthermore, Shaun was able to adequately triage the victims and provide a brief report to assist ambulance staff prior to transport of the patients. Subsequently, all three stabbing victims were transported to Massachusetts General Hospital along with a fourth officer for an evaluation.

All of the officers involved eventually were discharged from Mass General Hospital with positive clinical outcomes. These outcomes can be directly connected to the high level of clinical ability, acute skill set and the utmost professionalism exhibited by Shaun. Shaun is the epitome of a dedicated Paramedic who constantly utilizes incredible skill and judgement to benefit so many within our community.

When not on duty, Shaun enjoys hiking, kayaking spending time with his kids, cooking and photography.

Armstrong Ambulance is proud to call Shaun Churchill our 2021 Star of Life!